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I’m Mel, a registered dietitian-nutritionist and expert on finding peace with food and your body.


I want to be the last nutritionist you ever see. 



I teach women who have been on diet after diet for TOO LONG to find lasting peace with food and their bodies, right now. I guide you through how to eat well, trust your appetite, honor your health needs, and how to Ditch Your Diet once and for all! Any day on a diet is a day wasted. Trust me, I’ve been there.

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My Story

I’ve been a curvier woman my whole life, struggling far too long to find peace with my body. I thought losing weight was the answer to all my problems and my failure to do so diet after diet was due to my lack of willpower. I felt if I ate healthy, it should be reflected in my size. I wondered why I couldn’t keep weight off after diets. In fact, I was gaining more and more! Even after completing two nutrition degrees, I still felt like I wasn’t doing it right. I was incredibly stressed about food and felt like a FRAUD.

Shortly after graduating, I found intuitive eating and it gave me so many answers I was looking for, but there was always a piece that was missing. I didn’t find myself in the dietitians that practiced and promoted intuitive and non-diet eating. They were thin, blonde, fit/super active, married, and a lot had children. Their lives and reasons for eating intuitively and stopping dieting looked nothing like mine. I didn’t fit in that mold, I felt alone.

Because of that experience, I now LOVE coaching women who like me, have larger bodies and don't have anyone like them to look to for support. I have talked the talk, and walked the walk. I’ve made it to the other side from fearing my appetite, fearing food, and worst of all, fear of gaining weight. I healed my belief that I MUST diet and reach a certain size to be happy and healthy. I feel more confident and comfortable in my body now that EVER before. This is possible for you too


I devote my private practice to helping others find the same peace with food and their bodies. Our stories may be different, but they are written with the same pen. Are you ready to find out for yourself?

I graduated from Arizona State with a MS in Human Nutrition and have over 10 years of experience working with women teaching them nourish themselves as best possible without following restrictive diets and hating your body along the way. My clients learn how to eat food they love again and rock their bodies AS IS. My experience as a clinical (aka hospital) dietitian armed me with the skills to meet the unique needs of my clients who require special dietary management for bariatric (weight-loss surgery) status, those with diabetes, and gastrointestinal disorders.

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