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I’m a registered dietitian-nutritionist who provides virtual and in-person nutrition counseling in the Gilbert/East-Valley-Phoenix area. 

I believe your relationship with food is EVERYTHING. You can eat the most organic, plant-based, "healthy" diet in the world, but if you fall apart when you see donuts in the break room or on family pizza night, something is not working.


My goal in working with you is to help you develop a low-stress & EASY relationship with food. Our work together will help you become a confident eater and address your unique dietary needs (if appropriate). 

I graduated from Arizona State with a MS in Human Nutrition and I have 10 years experience working with people to help them nourish themselves as best possible. My experience as a clinical (aka hospital) dietitian armed me with the skills to meet the unique needs of clients who require special dietary management for diabetes and gastrointestinal disorders without a life of rigid, prescriptive diets.