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“Help! I’m so confused about how to eat.”

“I don’t know what to eat. Everything seems bad.”

“I lost weight on one diet, but then I gained it back. Maybe I need to try harder.”

“My mom is doing really well on keto, I think I want to try it.”

“My doctor says I need to eat healthier. She said I should cut out white foods.”


We are living in a world of information overload, and it seems everyone has an opinion about food. It makes complete sense that we can get totally confused and turned around by all the recommendations we’ve heard. Making it even more difficult, even the experts argue about the “right way” to eat. Who are you to believe?!

I’m here to help bring you some clarity. I want to help you figure out what works best for you.

So here it is, the good news:

Yeah, a million diets exist, but humans are such amazing and flexible creatures, we can survive and thrive on a huge variety of foods and eating patterns. Go Evolution!

The bad news:

I can’t package up a perfect, succinct little diet for you. No meal plan exists for that.

I wish I could.

However, if you take time to learn new ideas about food and eating and relationships with those two things, commit to change, practice new habits and thinking patterns, you’ll slowly and steadily build your own version of a low-stress, sustainable way to eat.

Here are some things to consider when feeling overwhelmed or confused about how to eat:

  1. No single food is going to make or break your health. Good nutrition is a LIFE-LONG goal. It is not made or broken in a single bite, meal, day, or even year.

  2. Your body can tell you when you need food, and it can tell you when you are full. It takes time to learn how to identify these signals if you’ve spent a long time ignoring them.

  3. Even if you have a medical condition (diabetes, HTN, PCOS, Gastrointestinal troubles), you can usually still eat foods you like. There are very few hard NO’s in nutrition therapy. This is a good reason to find a weight-neutral, non-diet registered dietitian who is trained in your area of concern.

  4. You need to eat, no matter your size. This is non-negotiable. You are a living being who requires nourishment.

  5. It’s normal and okay to feel overwhelmed. There are hundreds of choices we have to make each day around food. It is normal if this feels hard. It can get easier with practice and skill development.


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