• Mel P.

"Shut Up about the COVID-15 already!"

Sigh. It wasn't funny the first go around, and I'm still tired of this “joke,” alluding to gaining weight in quarantine/isolation. ⠀

It’s lazy, unfunny, and continues to stigmatize those who live in larger bodies all the time. ⠀

It creates shame around a completely normal desire to eat whether for nourishment or for comfort. It also creates shame for those of us who HAVE experienced weight gain or body changes during this time.

It disrespects the devastating crisis that is going on- which is affecting us in concrete and still-not-yet-known ways.⠀

It upholds the belief that our bodies aren’t supposed to change. ⠀

It creates shame. ⠀

We don’t need any of that.⠀

You are allowed to eat, as much as you need to feel satisfied and now, safe. You are allowed to use food for comfort. Before all this, during, and after. Food is nourishing to our bodies on a chemical sense AND emotionally. Food connects us, grounds us, and was the first comfort we knew of our human experience (nursing/bottle feeding as infants). Why would we try to take this away from ourselves now when we really need it?

I always tell my clients, when you see hurtful jokes and images about weight gain, it usually is reflecting the fears of the person who is making those comments. They are showing the world their personal concern about their weight and body.

With time, as we recognize that we are 1) allowed to eat food 2) allowed to have bigger bodies and, 3) have value OUTSIDE of what we look like- these cheap jokes no longer hurt, or trigger us in the same way.


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