• Mel P.

You Don't Need to Measure Your Food. I Promise.

Updated: Jul 6

Do you start your day with food rules? Instead of just pouring a bowl of cereal or spreading peanut butter on your toast, you instead following the portion listed on the package? Or maybe you measure out every bite, count macros obsessively, or are stuck calorie logging?⠀

Is that REALLY how you want to spend the rest of your life?

This is an exhausting way to live. I know because I lived it for FAR TOO LONG.

I thought I had to.

I thought I was obligated to lose weight because my BMI was too high.

I felt I had to restrict my food to control my weight.⠀

I wanted to be a good dietitian and practice what I was taught (spoiler: nutrition education has many harmful aspects and is filled with fat-bias and phobia).⠀

I also just wanted to enjoy my cereal without turning it into a science project 🤓⠀

When you diet, rules of said diet tell you what is good or bad to eat. Many diets will tell you how much to eat of whatever food. These are called EXTERNAL rules.

Intuitive eating is completely the opposite- you use your INTERNAL guidance to tell you what to eat and how much. You pick what to eat based on your appetite or cravings, your hunger level, what is available, and what fits well with your body's need. It is flexible and will change based on what your body tells you.

  • You may find yourself eating oatmeal at breakfast instead of eggs- because it sounds better.

  • You might choose yogurt over veggies and hummus as a snack, because that feels better in your body.

  • You might eat a snack before dinner, because you don't want to be overly hungry when you sit down.

  • You eat brown rice instead of white rice at dinner because it keeps your sugars more stable (and you like it).

  • You might eat a donut for breakfast just because.

You can do all this!

It does take time to develop those skills to become an intuitive eater and incorporate gentle nutrition. But let me say, it is so worth it. It feels so GOOD to stay "BYE!!!!!" to your measuring cups, food scale, and tracking apps. ⠀

Eating does not need to be complicated and should not be a source of daily stress. Life is hard enough right now, let’s not add more obstacles.


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