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1-to-1 SUPPORT

Are you ready to Eat Well?


  • Spend hours meal prepping food you don't even like

  • Log every bite of food you eat forever

  • Avoid all carbs or all sugar or all white foods

  • Eat within a strict macronutrient count

  • Only eat between x and y hours

  • Only eat "clean" foods

  • Eat based on your blood type or body shape

But, really, are you ready to learn to eat well to nourish your body and mind? Are you ready to discover a new way of eating that has less to do with what you eat, but discovering why? 

When working with me, we will explore your individual needs for both physical and mental health. The end goal is always- to Eat Well

If you want to fine tune your diet, if you are exhausted by deciding what to eat and can scream at your refrigerator, or if you have a chronic health condition you would like to manage better- I can help.

6-Week Starter Package

This package includes an in-depth initial assessment to give us the foundation of our work together and 5-weekly follow-up sessions. 


We will meet (virtually, in the comfort of your own home) and complete a full assessment to find out where you are and where you want to go.

To best understand you and your unique needs and challenges, we will go over your health history, eating style/pattern, sleep, exercise, social life, support, emotional health, and self-care habits. Occasionally, I will request lab work. Based on this information and your personal goals, we will begin the work to improve your relationship with food. 

12-Week Intensive Package

Similar to the starter package, the 12-week Intensive Package allows for the same structure of regular nutrition support, but for a longer time frame through weekly sessions AND additional support via text if needed. 

This plan is a good option if you have been struggling with food and your body image for a long time (2+ years), have a health condition that requires a special diet, history of weight loss surgery, or have history with disordered eating. 

Additional Offerings

Monthly Follow-Ups

Support is still available after you've completed your 6 or 12 week package. You can schedule with Mel monthly to continue your progress towards your goals. You must have completed a package series before being able to schedule monthly follow-ups. 

A la Carte

Do you have a nutrition concern but don't think you need a package to resolve it?  Please reach out and let me know, I may be able to work with you.